Discord Server for India vACC

Server Rules

Welcome to VATSIM India vACC Discord Server.

Server Usage Rules :
  1. Server MUST be used only for activities relating to VATSIM and Flight Simulation, use for any other purpose will not be tolerated.
  2. Everyone on the Server must use their Full Names as registered on the VATSIM Network
  3. Advocating or Promoting Piracy of any kind will not be accommodated. (Admins can see and record every activity; even if you try to delete, it stays on the server). Participants can however upload fully downloaded Freewares or links to Freewares if a developer allows for it.
  4. Failure to abide by rules:
    • 1st Time - Warning
    • 2nd Time - 12 hrs Ban
    • 3rd Time - 1 day Ban
    • 4th Time - 7 day Ban
    • 5th Time - 1 month Ban
    • 6th Time - Permanent Ban
  5. Any conflicts or matters must be communicated with the vACC Director. Admins cannot overright any ban without a discussion with the staff team.
By Accepting the Invite , you agree to follow all the Rules and Regulations mentioned above along with VATSIM CoC and VATSIM CoR