Discord Server for India vACC

Server Rules

Welcome to VATSIM West Asia Discord Server.

Server Usage Rules :
  1. Flying and Controlling is a fun hobby. Please leave all your worries and tensions outside the server. :smiley:
  2. Everyone on the Server must use their Full Names as registered on the VATSIM Network
  3. Please use your Registered VATSIM Name followed by your VATSIM ID as your Server Nickname.
    For Eg : John Doe - 1234567
    Only after your nickname is verified by a vACC/Division Staff , they would grant you full access to the server - - Please allow 24-48 hours to get the server access.
    vACC Staff can use their Staff ID as the Suffix.
    For Eg : John Doe - ACCIND1
  4. All VATSIM CoC and CoR are enforced in this group.
  5. Advocating Piracy directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited and can result in Temporary/Permanent Ban from the server.
  6. Failure to abide any of the above rules can result into removal of the user from the server.
By Accepting the Invite , you agree to follow all the Rules and Regulations mentioned above along with VATSIM CoC and VATSIM CoR